A bit of History here about myself …Let me introduce myself .. I was born in the Caribbean in the sweetest island republic of Trinidad & Tobago in the West Indies. I was then brought by my Mom & Dad to Flatbush,Brooklyn where I was raised, going to school first by Miss Lewis, then St. Catherine of Genoa, then St. Vincent Ferrer, then Xaverian High School and then Rochester Institute of Technology. I always spent┬átime in Trinidad & Tobago for summers and then Carnival. I met my wife on the Rest Truck in Tribe, proposed in London, got married in Church of Assumption and have lived in Sweet T&T since. I currently go to UWI-Roytec School for Business doing my Business Administration. I can seem aloof, miserable but really I’m about fulfilling the essence of existence and living up my journey, playing myself and breaking away !!